[ADM] Advanced Download Manager Pro Apk (Full + Mod)

As a smartphone owner, surely you often need some files that you don’t have by downloading the file via the internet. When you download, it often happens that some problems such as downloading feel very long or slow. No need to worry, because now you can download Advanced Download Manager PRO v8.2 Apk Mod for free through the link in this article.

With this Advanced Download Manager Pro application, you will be facilitated in downloading a file that you need. You also don’t need to bother to download via computer / laptop. Because this application has been created specifically for smartphone users, especially on the Android platform.

So, when you need a file, you can download it directly through this application. However, before downloading this application, you better know in advance about what is the Advanced Download Manager and what is in it.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a download management application that can download any file on a smartphone, especially an Android device. When you use this application to download a file, you will find it as easy as downloading via a computer/laptop.

Advanced Download Manager Pro 2

This mod version of Advanced Download Manager has advantages that may not be found in other applications. One of the advantages is that there is a feature that is able to determine the location of the download and can also determine the download location automatically from the type of download.

For example, when you download a video type file using Advanced Download Manager Pro apk, the file that you downloaded earlier will automatically be saved in the video folder on your device. Then, suppose you suddenly lose the connection, the download process will be paused. You can continue the download process again at a time that you can specify.

Here are some features and facilities that you can feel when using Advanced Download Manager Pro apk full mod.

  • Can download 3 files simultaneously.
  • Can increase download speed.
  • The unavailability of advertisements.
  • Displays a list of download processes that are being performed.
  • When downloading, the process is carried out behind the scenes and you can resume downloads after a pause.
  • After the download is complete, there will be a notification in the form of vibration or sound.
  • Can automatically determine the download location based on the type/type of download.

Free Download Advanced Download Manager Pro v8.2 Apk (Full + Mod)

By using the Advanced Download Manager mod version, you will not find any ads in this application. So, you will not be disturbed when downloading. This application you can download through the Google Play Store. However, the official application when you want to use premium features, you are required to subscribe in advance by paying for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
App NameAdvanced Download Manager
Mod TypePremium

Now, with this mod version application, you don’t need to spend any more money to be able to enjoy the premium features available. You can download the Advanced Download Manager Pro mod version to get pro/premium features for free via the link below.

Download “ADM Pro” – Downloaded 1324 times –

How to Install Advanced Download Manager Mod Version

  1. First, download the file Advanced Download Manager Pro mod apk through the link provided.
  2. Second, go to Settings> Application Security> turn on in the ” Unknown Source ” or ” Unknown Source ” section.
  3. Third, open the file and do the installation as usual.
  4. Finally, if the application installation process has finished, then the application is ready for use.

So, by using the Advanced Download Manager application for android, you can download various files easily and flexibly. This application has more than 50 million active members in all corners of the world. If you want to have this application, you can directly download Advanced Download Manager Pro v8.2 the latest full mod apk via the link in this article.

Reviews Of Adm App

Todd WrightFebruary

The app is a great deal better than the stock D/L functioning of the D/L capabilities than that afforded by various web browsers. This is true through Android 9. It took me a few minutes to learn -YMMV there. I’m sure if I was clever it would have taken less time.

J SubratNovember

Awesome experience with this app. Haven’t found an alternative to this app yet. If you are serious about downloading lot of stuff on ur android phone, then it’s a must-have app. Although it contains an ad, you barely feel that. Really appreciate the hard work of the developer(s). They have done a great job. If you are sceptical, then use it once. You have nothing to lose. Trust me, try it once and you’ll never regret your decision.

Heartwin Haveluck

A very solid downloader. Works like a charm. Been using it for more than 2 years and it has never disappointed me once. Also a big fan of the dark theme, but it would be nice if the colours were a little more refined like the download bar could have the same colour as the dark theme switches

0/5 (0 Reviews)

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