Anonytun Pro Premium [Mod] Apk v11.2

Anonytun Pro Premium v9.9 Latest Apk – Do you live in a country with a limited internet connection? How many times do you get blocked or positive internet error messages when opening a website? Are you looking for a powerful and safe way to be able to browse several sites on the internet?

Well, AnonyTun Pro is a great solution for you, because Anonytun provides a high-speed VPN connection to bypass any geo-restricted service in literally every location and country. Free VPN (Virtual Private Network) applications provide secure connections to protect your privacy and bypass anonymous firewalls to access websites or applications without limits or restrictions.

Not only that, AnonyTun premium comes with a very simple, clean and neat display and a very easy to use interface and you only need to press the Connect button to access secure connections via SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel or TCP Tunnel user-friendly.

As you all know that Anonytun Pro VPN is a VPN application that is quite a lot sought after and is in demand by VPN lovers who are in the interface of this world. And from so many lovers of the Anonytun Pro application, there have been many emerging Anonytun Pro Premium Mod applications such as Anonytun Pro Gold, Prime Anonytun and so on.

What makes Anonytun Pro Premium superior is the features that many other VPN applications don’t have. Because besides being able to overcome the positive internet or block network, this anonytun application also has other excellent features like one of them is Anonytun Pro Premium already supports spoof host/server which is certainly very useful for those of you who have Jio video max quota and others, just by using the SSL protocol/https which is already contained in this anonytun application.

AnonyTun itself has been updated to version 9.9 in PlayStore, but if you download and install anonytun contained in PlayStore appeared ads ( ads ) when you open and use the anonytun application. And to overcome this you need not worry because on this occasion I will share Anonytun Pro Premium v9.9 Latest Apk which of course has been modified without ads ( No Ads ) that you can use to replace the previous version that has been downloaded via play store or web that already provides a direct link apk from play store.

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Anonytun Pro Premium

App NameAnonyTun
Mod TypeMod + Premium

Download “Anonytun Pro” uc – Downloaded 3915 times –

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Anonytun Pro Premium Mod Apk

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So for you Anonytun Pro users who do not like the ads displayed in the Anonytun PlayStore app, please replace it with the Latest Anonytun Pro Premium Apk Mod that I shared this time because Anonytun Pro Premium shared this time has been tested and has no ads usually haunts the PlayStore app anontyun version. But for those of you who want to know the advanced features of this application anonytun pro mod apk, please check at a glance the following reviews:

So, AnonyTun provides everything you expect according to the VPN application, and if you live in a country with some restrictions by your ISP, or you want to bypass the firewall, or look for a secure connection, then make sure to try this free tunnel application. All features are available privately & you don’t need to root your Android device to have access to a free cloud proxy server.

We always monitor our proxy server to ensure a fast, reliable and secure connection. This smart VPN application automatically connects you to the closest & fastest server, as a result, you will experience a high-speed & conducive connection through the tunnel.

Download AnonyTun privately & let us know about bugs, questions, feature requests, or other suggestions.
Anonytun Mod Premium itself has several variants that are distributed on the internet. There are already truly unlocked premium and some are only unlocked so that it is free from advertisements or commonly called ad-free mod. And on this blog I have provided an anonytun mod premium application with both of these variants, so please choose and try it as you wish.

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Anonytun Pro Premium Apk feature

What’s New

Timer Removed!
Our users convenience remains our priority.
We apologize for making you go through that.
Fixed a bug that made the app crash when closed from a task list.

Mod Info:

Force Upgrade Disabled
No Ads

For those of you who want to update with this one anonytun, don’t forget to follow and follow the official pehawe fan page on so you can get notification updates on this anonytun application and notification updates on tricks or other applications such as Psiphon pro premium, turbo premium VPN and others.

So Anonytun Pro Premium v9.9 Latest Apk that I can share this time may be useful and you can use it as it should. To use anonytun pro specifically for video max and others, please search on this Official Pehawe blog, because I have previously made some special settings for certain cards/sc such as Telkomsel chat, video max, and others. Hopefully what I shared this time is useful and you can use it properly. Extraordinary Greetings.


Edward Maosa

It has helped me a lot in terms of data saving. I didn’t imagine it could work but I have confirmed. Am on youtube, 24/7. Thank you for this app and I hope it will be free forever, not short term. I love it, only that sometimes when I have used it for a while, it stops connection till the following day, that is where it limits.

Furgo 705

This app is very cool I really like it but there’s only one thing that makes me hate it a little bit, and that is… The app is disconnecting every after a minute and it’s irritating me but I’m giving it a 4 cause you did a good job by making it. I appreciate

Royd M

Works almost perfectly. The servers slow down a lot at night but that is expected as it’s peak hours. My only issue is the “server busy” scenarios. I can swear they started at version 9.1 and persisted to 9.9 I think that it’s a bug and not that there was a sudden increase of users leading to server busy”
5/5 (2 Reviews)