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Custom Aim Pro Apk [Premium] Donation version

Custom Aim Pro Apk – Do you like to play FPS games? PUBG, FF or ROS? On this occasion, we will share reviews and application download links that will help you to improve weapon aiming.

Custom Aim Pro Apk is an application that will add a Crosshair that you have modified to your liking into the FPS game or other shooter modes.

With this application, you can make your own Crosshair. Where usually only a small spot which for some people may be difficult to see.

This application is very helpful for the game, it is proven that up to this moment thousands of people have downloaded and used this custom aim pro apk.

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Custom Aim Pro Apk

Custom Aim Pro

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App NameCustom aim Pro – Donation version
Mod TypePremium

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Features Of Custom Aim Pro Apk

The features of this application can make shooting marks into other colours and also various other shape choices.

By changing the colour of different corsairs of course you will see clearly. So you can aim your weapon at your opponent.

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You could say the actual function of this application is the helper aim or also aim assistant. As the name implies, it will help you aim and reduce missed shots.

Indeed, if observed not all games provide more options to change the crosshairs. We take the example of the pubg game. You only give the choice to change the colour. Which colour there are only four choices. Of course, it’s very lacking.

By utilizing the functions of this application you will get several benefits. One of them is the response to shoot enemies will increase.

Because you will get used to memorizing the innate corsair position. That’s because you will be able to reflexively direct the direction of the shot even though you no longer use the custom aim application anymore.

As your practice time continues to increase, it will train your skills in playing FPS games.

I used to remember my friend also used a custom aim manual alias to stick a piece of paper on the smartphone screen. Now that includes the old school method but at that time it was successful because the FPS game that we played did not give aim marks, deliberately so that it was not easy to aim at the enemy. Now, in an advanced era, there are already application makers who create custom aim pro apk for us who might need to customize aim for FPS games.

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Feedback OnΒ Custom Aim Pro Apk

the creep killer

It does wonders when you use a sniper and the crosshair disappears… Small glitch- if you create a launch icon and if you uninstall the app without removing the icon in the app, once you install the app again that icon will open the app but it will crash before a proper launch unless you re-add the app icon. Overall IT’S FRIKIN amazing

The Zamurai

Nice update but needs more crosshair & it is not saving the size of my edited crosshair. Please fix Can you make a thin-lined crosshair with a dot in a middle? Can you fix the overwrite of the saved size of the crosshair? πŸ™‚
Rob Horne
Like it but… …there needs to be a manual alignment feature. For whatever reason, all of them are slightly skewed off dead centre in all my FPS games. Also, not sure if it’s a bug or what but I’ve never had an app FC on me as many times as this app.
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