Garena Free Fire Mod Apk v1.44.0 [Diamond, Unlimited Money, Aimbot, Recoil]


Garena Free Fire Mod Apk – If you are looking for a game that has the style of the battlefield of Playerunknown to play on your phone, Garena Free Fire Mod APK  is a game that you should not miss. The community of players around the world judged that this is the version of the Battlegrounds of Playerunknown for the phone, although it is true that Free Fire Mod cannot be compared to the Battlegrounds of Playerunknown, the survival game of 111 dots Studio gives them players an unexpected experience.

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Compatible with Android and iOS platforms, Free Fire offers players the most entertaining moments in most shootings. Here, wisdom, skill, strength and, above all, the instinct for human survival will rise to the highest limits. Do you want to be a hunter or do you want to be a weak prey in this survival war? Everyone looking for a free fire Mod diamond but that is still not possible

“Shoot or get shot, die or die.” Always remember this immutable rule when entering Garena’s Free Fire. Like the battlefields of Playerunknown, you will find matches using any system that matches up to 29 other players in Free Fire Mod Apk. Soon after, all players will be delivered to an island by helicopter, where this is their battlefield. You are free to choose your launch point. After every 40 seconds of regular preparation, each match in Free Fire will last between 12 and 15 minutes.

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Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

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App Name Garena Free Fire: Winterlands
Size 66+350MB
Version 1.47.0
Mod Type [Aimbot, Recoil, Diamond]

Download “FreeFire Mod Apk” – Downloaded 1424 times –

Download “FreeFire Mod OBB” – Downloaded 1300 times – 442 MB

Installation steps:
  1. Copy the OBB files in the path: SDCard / Android / OBB
  2. Then Install Apk Of Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

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Garena Free Fire Mod Apk:


  • Easy booyah
  • Ghost mode
  • A shot in the head
  • Travel and shoot in the water
  • No Grass / Less Grass
  • No Fog
  • Can Run After High Jump
  • Add Damage AR 20%
  • Add Damage Shotgun x2
  • Improve the goal with precision
  • Improve goal attendance
  • Easy Look at Enemy in the Grass
  • Less damage is taken
  • Accuracy without reach
  • Recoilless
  • Rootless


  • Target auto (look again and again at the enemy)
  • Aimbot (Storm)
  • Increased damage
  • Less recoil
  • Pink House (Removed)
  • Card failures (fixed)
  • Antiban


** Aimbot: Aimbot near an enemy and should do its aimbot magic.

The battle for survival has begun

Quickly collect weapons, ammunition and many useful items scattered around the island early enough to be prepared to face an enemy. With a game based on gravity, a Free Fire game ends when and only when only the last man on the map is standing. Therefore, the essential thing for the player is to perfect the skills of shooting, moving and hiding most artistically. If you have the idea that you only go and expect 29 players who stayed on the map to throw each other, then you’re wrong.

After each time, the free fire radius of the map will be reduced, so sooner or later you will have to meet other players. The best way to play this game is to train your skills, think strategically and become the best survivor. Free Fire has a fascinating open combat system, in addition to preparing for battles with guns, players are free to explore the large island that is portrayed in such a way that is faithful to every detail.

The maps in Free Fire are divided into several airports, camps, warehouses, chemical zones … In addition to the survival mode that has become familiar, Free Fire also gives players the way to play attractively. Make friends with the Free Fire community around the world. Fight together, “crush” the enemy to be able to defeat all opponents and climb to the top of the glory.

Varied equipment system

The weapon system of Free Fire is extremely diverse with pistols that have become as familiar to shooters as M4A1, rifles like AKM, M16A4, Scar-Light, etc. Gunmen like AWM, Kar98k, … and not to mention heavy weapons like S1897, S686, and countless other weapons for players to choose.

Dozens of accessories and accessories will help your character to be much stronger. Teams like bunches, helmets and armour sets will give you higher levels of defence. In particular, transportation will help you get to the places you want quickly. However, be careful because the use of transportation will help other players easily identify your location. Also, Free Fire allows players to customize the character.

3D graphics

Free Fire Mod has the amazing 3D graphics that provide the best possible experience for the player. Maps, characters, weapons and combat effects, a movement that makes Free Fire more realistic than ever. Also, the advanced technology of light and the modern technology of shading of games make you feel as if you were lost on this island of bombs.

Is it worth playing Free Fire?

Yes, Garena Free Fire APK MOD is really attractive to you. Try to feel the fight against all the other players to become the last survivor. Free Fire is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, you can download the game through the following link.


Garena Free Fire APK MOD is compatible with Android 4.0.0, iOS 7.0 with a minimum requirement of 250 MB of free memory. We will not be responsible for any damages as a result of the Garena Free Fire download. If there is a problem with the broken link, you can not download Free Fire Mod Obb, inform our webmasters. Thank you! If you are looking for a game that has the style of the battlefield of Playerunknown to play on your phone, Garena Free Fire APK MOD is a game that you should not miss. The community of players around the world judged that this was the “Battle tactics version of Playerunknown for the phone”, although it is true that Free Fire cannot be

General Review of the Mod

You are running as fast as you can, sweat drops are forming on your face but you can not stop because if you stop, you will end up being shot. Such is the charisma of gunfire and war. All of us at some time or another aspires to be in a similar environment with the opportunity to be the only survivor and the hero. A concept is so popular that many android game developers created android game applications based on it.

With the extremely long list, we will provide you with the best available option that will provide you with world-class gaming experience. A game called PUBG took the world of androids by the clouds by allowing the user to participate in one of the best multiplayer games designed that allows the game to participate in battles with around 50 players from around the world in an extremely adventurous game environment and hostile where survival is the only way to guarantee victory. Garena Free Fire APK MOD is the game that offers a gameplay similar to PubG but in a better way and with much lower storage requirements. Therefore, it is a popular alternative and fast-growing game.

With one of the biggest disadvantages in the form of mass storage space for androids, PubG cannot be enjoyed by all android users and this is exactly why the Garena Free Fire APK MOD becomes the saving grace. The game takes you to the helicopter where you have to jump and land with your crew and participate in fierce battles in an extremely dynamic environment where all you have to do is use your strategy and your shooting skills to eliminate all enemies that are introduce you and be the only survivor.

With around 50 players from around the world, the game tests your skills. We will use this article to provide you with the normal gameplay and features of Garena Free Fire APK MOD along with the necessary download requirements. Then finally we will share with you the exclusive link to download the latest functional version of the apk mod.

Features Garena Free Fire Mod Apk:

The option that allows you to play the game with your friends takes the level of excitement and fun to another level. The creators were fully aware of this opportunity and took advantage of it by creating one of the most specially designed multiplayer games that allow you to participate in battles with your friends and with people from all over the world. Not only one, but about 50 players. If you want to be the best, then you have to beat the best.

The creators made sure to create and deliver one of the best and most attractive games that are created using one of the best available graphics that exist and that does not for once make you experience as if you were playing a virtual game. The gameplay allows you to experience the thrill and adventure of a world of real shots. The graphics guarantee a smooth transition in the game, which makes it the best experience you can find on an Android device.

User interface means the ease with which the player can enjoy the basic features and gameplay of the game. The user interface is what makes or breaks any game. The manufacturers were fully aware of this fact and this is the reason why they created a game mode with one of the simplest with the easiest controls that will ensure that the game can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. , which guarantees a wider user base

If you think the game revolves completely around the shot, then you are sadly wrong. The manufacturers, in an attempt to make the game even more exciting, introduced the concept of aerial battles and air attacks. They also brought in the option where you can explore the whole area and search for better quality weapons that will help you survive better in the exciting game. When everyone is out there hunting you, it is better that you cover your back.

The game allows you to form teams of four players at most, where you can chat with your teammates during battles, form the correct strategy and plan your next move to ensure survival and victory. Talk to your team during the real battle using the microphone and then become the leader and take them to victory.

What’s more about Garena Free Fire Mod Apk?

The game that involves survival in a war-prone territory along with 49 other opponents, going with the basic version will not provide you with anything competitive. This is exactly where the Garena Free Fire Apk Mod comes into play, as it provides the user with the impressive advantage of being able to decide where to land using the benefit of aiming. This means that you can decide where you will land with your crew, eventually increasing the chances of winning the collector. The advantage of getting a goal during the landing turns out to be the game change and makes the mod apk a rational choice than the basic version of the game.

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