Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 2019

Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk

Enjoy online identity and access to blocked sites and applications using Hotspot Shield, while keeping your mobile device’s activities, privacy and security hidden.

Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk  Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk  Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk

The Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk agent is a platform that has the most confidence in terms of security, privacy and access, as well as its outstanding performance in speed, stability and security. Hotspot Shield gives you real freedom online – with the ability to cross geographical barriers and global access content from anywhere, with just one click.

⇦ Why Hotspot Shield

Skip the blocking of geo-disabled content: the ability to fully encrypt traffic and access to global media, video, messaging, networks, and social applications.
Secure all online activities: Enjoy hiding your IP address, identity, and location from tracking tools, with maximum privacy and security.

  • Features Free or unlimited features: the ability to use basic features for free (forever), or simply upgrade to Elite to enjoy unlimited features.
  • Performance Unparalleled VPN performance: Its Hotspot Shield servers ensure maximum VPN speed as well as more stable and secure connections.
  • More massive The most massive VPN coverage Hotspot Shield provides AnchorFree VPN coverage from 20 countries, including the US, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, China and more!
  • Do not keep records: Hotspot Shield does not follow or maintain any logs of its users and activities. Privacy and safety are guaranteed!

Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Best Customer Support: If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to [email protected], and we will satisfy you, of course!
Millions of trusts: More than 400 million free VPN agent installations from Hotspot Shield were made and promoted in Forbes, CNET, CNN and the New York Times.

⇦ How Hotspot Shield

Provides a Hotspot Shield VPN agent with A secure and reliable connection through an encrypted channel between the iOS device and the target Web site using VPN technology. Hotspot Shield also hides the identity of the real IP address to conceal the status of the device so that no one can follow your activities online, and you will also be able to access blocked websites, even if there are firewalls.

Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

The Hotspot Shield VPN agent is a free product designed for everyone, whether they want a trial version with basic privacy features and no blocking, or require a premium with additional services.

■ Hotspot Shield’s free VPN allows you to skip blocking all content in the United States and access that content from your favourite websites or apps. The free version contains limited ads.

HotSpot Shield is world famous for being simple to use but will it be excellent for the uses of an Italian public? Let’s talk about.

A Dutch friend of mine has been using HotSpot Shield VPN for a long time. When I asked him why he decided to use this VPN (he understands less about VPN than VPN), he replied that he searched on google and found this VPN among the Dutch guides.

I decided to give it a try since it appears to be used as they say by millions of people. Actually, it denotes an excellent marketing capacity, and the target of this VPN is exactly my friend people who don’t understand anything about security or VPN but who want to unblock censored websites or encrypt the connection while browsing in unsafe places, such as precisely HotSpot wifi.

I had written in the past an article on the “non-security” of connections through public HotSpots, and this straightforward VPN is dedicated to those people who have no particular needs but to maintain a secure connection.

HotSpot Shield also has a straightforward Android and iOS version that doesn’t worry too much about letting you select the server as much as possible to protect your mobile internet connection. Let’s get into the details of costs and functionality.

The HotSpot Shield VPN free plan is still available, but in fact, it only lasts 7 days and has no premium server (don’t go with Netflix for example). Better to do a trial than what was once the famous Hotspot shield free version that no longer exists today.

Let’s get into the details of some features of the VPN HotSpot Shield:

HotSpot Shield differs from other VPNs by its completely different approach in use, targeting altogether fasting users on internet security, setting a secure connection for them without questions and without answers.

Simple operation both in the basic version and with HotSpot Shield VPN Elite
VPN hotspot

Just launched the HotSpot Shield VPN there appears a simple screen that asks us to connect.

Incredibly, the choice of the nation is asked after making the first connection to the fastest server faster.

The HotSpot Shield options menu is very trivial. In reality, we are not offered any real operating option other than deciding whether or not it will be launched at launch.

It is not known what protocol it uses (which should be OpenVPN) and as regards, ports and traffic utilising the connection simulates a regular HTTP connection and therefore should not be able to be blocked in China and high-censorship nations.

  • We say not dedicated to experienced and demanding users.
  • Excellent though it has the kill switch and DNS Leaks protection
  • Hotspot shield works without problems with classic US streaming services.
  • Netflix USA and the UK work without problems.

Application for mobile super compatible
Good news is that the mobile app is straightforward. Here too, if the user to whom it is dedicated is super “basic”, it will solve the problems only.


Hotspot Shield Premium Mod Apk is dedicated to those users who want to encrypt little spending, they want the connection to remain fast during use but do not have the slightest interest in entering technical details, configurations or selecting a particular server, they will turn up their nose to those who search total control. The Elite version has the US server, and for this reason, we can encrypt the data and unlock Netflix USA for a low price.
Missing an Italian server and therefore if your goal is to emulate Italy to unlock Italian TV services is not the VPN for you.

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