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[PRO] Ping Tools Pro APK Latest Version

Ping Tools Pro – Perhaps most Android smartphone users already know what Ping Tools Pro Apk. But not a few also do not know maybe even unfamiliar with the term Ping Tools Pro, let alone its usefulness.

Ok friend, on occasion we will share a little information about Ping Tools Pro. An application that has one function that is to strengthen and stabilize the internet network on an android smartphone.

The function of the Ping Tools Pro application in addition to stabilizing the internet network is also to check pings, WIFI scanners, see the IP used, Internet ISPs, ISP networks, Groping, LAN, and many more.

Of the many ping applications, the Ping Tools Pro application is the best ping application. Because the features are complete compared to other ping applications. Ping Tools Pro application developed by StreamSoft on Playstore is a paid application.

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Ping Tools Pro

Ping Tools Pro Apk

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App NamePingTools Pro
Version4.35 Pro
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Although paid it turns out that many use it even 82% of users give a positive response. But if you want to enjoy the Ping Tools Pro application for free, you can download it at the following link:

But we suggest being able to buy it and download it on Playstore so that the developer can improve the quality of the Ping Tools Pro application with more interesting features.

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Tools Info, is a feature that allows you to monitor the connection status, IP address of both the Wifi router or external IP, ISP information, etc. with a graphical appearance so that the wifi connection and network usage can easily be monitored.

Watcher is a feature to check network resources, whether the condition of network resources has changed or there are problems with the network at home or your workplace.

LAN (Local-Area Network), is a feature that allows a device to search for other device networks, identify devices connected to the network, and identify hardware and services that are running.

Ping is a feature that allows you to use a standard set of parameters, as well as other features such as HTTP \ HTTPS ping and TCP. There is also a voice notification to monitor remote host connections that are running without interference.

Groping is a feature to check network resources available throughout the world. With just one click, you will know whether your site can be accessed in other countries.
Traceroute, which is a feature for system administrators that shows the route of a data packet folder to a certain destination

Iperf is a feature that is useful for analyzing network bandwidth. Port Scanner, a powerful scanner with multi-threaded TCP ports that allows you to get a list of ports that are currently open in the description display on a remote device, so we know the application that is using it. Whois, is a tool that provides domain information or IP addresses, in the form of organization, contact info and others.

UPnP scanner is a feature that shows UPnP devices available on your local network. The information is shown such as your router’s IP address, game console (Xbox / PS), media server and other devices such as DLNA TV media boxes (LG SmartShare and Samsung AllShare).

Bonjour Browser, is a bonjour explorer tool. With Apple OS you can search for iPod or iPhone network addresses.
Wifi Scanner, a feature that displays a list of access points around your device. Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Subnet Scanner is a Wifi subnet scanner that allows devices to find other hosts nearby. We can check it via ping or by checking some TCP ports. You can scan 22 ports and find the presence of SSH currently running. DNS Lookup is a tool to make sure the DNS (Domain Name System) server can solve network problems or just look for the domain’s IP address or mail server.

Wake on LAN is a tool that can activate network computers remotely. By sending a special data packet called Magic Packet. IP Calculator, this tool is useful when preparing network equipment that will help calculate network parameters and determine the range of subnet masks and IP addresses. Thus a little information about the Ping Tools Pro Application. Hopefully, this is useful for you guys.

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