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Psiphon Pro Full Apk [Modded] Versions For Android

Psiphon Pro Apk Download the Latest Unlimited Mod 2019 – Psiphon is a VPN application to break through blocked sites in our country, but not only that. Some users use this application for free internet using certain operators.

What are the features of Psiphon Pro? Here are some excellent features that are common to some people who use this application

  • Being able to access sites and websites that are blocked by the internet is positive
  • Able to speed up an internet connection on a smartphone
  • Able to use foreign servers when playing games
  • Free internet without credit ( in a special way )
  • And much more

Psiphon is one of the best applications for open and free internet access. Has the protocol feature selected automatically to get the best performance? However, there are certain tricks to use Psiphon Pro, which is used for free internet with Psiphon cards to change the magic APN proxy.

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Download Psiphon Pro

If you already know some of the functions of this application and want to download it, please download it with the button below and it’s free

That’s the download link that we promised, but if you want to upgrade via Lucky Patcher, we also provide several methods below, even though the easiest is just to download

Psiphon Pro Full Apk

Psiphon Pro Full Apk

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App NamePsiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN
Mod Type[Premium + Mod]

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Psiphon Pro function

There are many functions and features of this best application, before downloading it is good you know some functions of the application which has a size of only 9MB.

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Psiphon Pro For VPN

There are some easy steps when you want this application to be a VPN on Android, simple steps are below

1. Download the application that we will provide the link below
2. Install and open Then click the ” Start ” button located in the lower-left corner.
3. Wait for the application to successfully connect to the VPN.
4. If connected there will be the words ” Tunnel Connected ”
5. Done. Now you can surf with unreachable sites anywhere

Psiphon Pro is only one of many VPN applications that you can download, but this application has advantages with a simple and easy to use interface.

Psiphon Pro For Free Internet

1. Install the Psiphon pro application that we will provide under

The first step is to install the application. of course without the application how you will do the settings

2. Open and enter the application menu

What is done next is enter the Psiphon Pro Psiphon application menu first. Then the next step is to enter the main menu and click OPTION and select a server from Singapore or the USA.

3. Click More Options

Then click More Options then you give the check Connect Through an HTTP Proxy. and don’t forget to check Use System Network Settings too.

4. Choosing custom HTTP headers

The next way is to choose custom HTTP headers. After successfully selecting custom HTTP headers, the next step is to fill them. must fill HTTP headers with HTML code. Examples can be seen below.

  • with X-online host
  • Fill in headers 2 using X-online host
  • 3 using X-online host
  • Return to the start menu

5. The last step is to return to the initial menu. To return to the start menu just press the start button and wait 10 seconds to get an approval notification. If you already have a notification, click and connect it.

How to Upgrade to Pro using Lucky Patcher

1. Download the latest version of Psiphon
2. Download the latest version of the Lucky Patcher application
3. Install the two applications then open Lucky Patcher
4. Search for Psiphon Pro, then click and the Lucky Patcher menu will appear.
5. Choose to Support the InApp Patch from the LVL emulsion
6. Check the 2 choices above then Apply.
7. Wait for it to finish, then open the application but don’t close the lucky patcher application.
8. On the menu, there is an UPGRADE NOW option. Please choose one of the Maximum Speed ​​and High Speed.
9. Then the options will appear and check everything. then click Yes.
10. Check the Psiphon and if it is successful, you will see that the bottom corner changes to UNLIMITED

Some Reviews From Playstore

Review By – Simon Lee

It’s a good VPN, while most VPNs won’t be able to work at school, this one and turbo VPN are the only ones that seem to work. Unfortunately, it’s slow and I don’t like that it opens my browser Every time when I connect to tell me my IP address. Seems like something that could be done in-app.

Review By – MasTer Wolf

Slower, but very useful. Just… Telenor provider gave 2 apps for free, by mobile data. But, from Oct. 1st, we should pay for it. When I deactivated Facebook (one of 2 apps), my Psiphon was disconnected. I tried to connect again, but it’s failed. I uninstalled it and installed it again, but it still can’t work by using mobile data. My opinion is that Telenor provider did something… Otherwise, this application is great.

Review By – Red Mist

Great App. Fast, reliable and easy to use. A smooth and amazing user interface changes your IP quickly and it actually works. Allows you to change language, region and other settings. Amazing app and VPN.

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