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Swift Installer Apk Themes & color engine v9.79

A few months ago I once tried this swift installer. But only now can I make the post. Surely we know the name substratum, Swift Installer Apk Free is also almost the same. The difference If the Substratum works to apply a theme that previously must be installed first and there are many options available.

While the Swift installer does not need to install the theme, but it manages itself as to what colour theme we will use. Such as accents, or colours that we highlight on icons and text. The drawback has limitations in the background and icon. The background itself is only available in 6 colours, and there is only one system icon that we can use besides the standard icon.

Now back to the point is to install a simple black theme using Swift Installer and Nova Launcher. So that this post is not too long, I have prepared the settings in the video below.

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Swift Installer Apk

Swift Installer Apk

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App NameSwift Installer – Themes & color engine
Mod TypePremium

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Everything is complete in the video, it’s quite easy to do like installing a substratum theme. To download it, just go to Playstore. But don’t forget to bring pocket money because this application is not free. For Nova Launcher itself, off course, you already know very well. Links and backups can be taken at the end of this post. Lastly, One UI Icon pack that works for just sweeteners. You don’t have to use this icon, you can also use other icon packs that you prefer by yourself.

Swift Installer packages what’s best with the Swift Substratum themes, and comes with its installer and colour engine! You can now install Swift Installer Apk Free and tweak everything about it. The colour choices are almost infinitive, as you can input your own favourite hex colour code for dark backgrounds and accents. Around 200 apps are currently themed.

Samsung theming: The first install will require you to install all apps manually, and this means a lot of clicking. Once the first install is done, it will all be much smoother and faster due to our update system. There is a learning curve, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll find it easy to use. Please note: for Samsung Pie, you have to enable the native Night mode from your device’s Settings.

OxygenOS theming: We base theming over the native OxygenOS dark theme, so the first thing you have to do is to switch to the native OOS Dark Theme: Go into Settings, then Display, then Theme: pick Dark, then tap OK!

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ROOT requirement and supported systems:

• The root is required on AOSP-based custom ROMs, Nexus, Pixel, and OxygenOS (Oreo and Pie).
– As of now, the root is also required on all Samsung Pie devices except S9, S9+, and Note 9.
• The root is not required on Samsung Oreo.

IMPORTANT: Please note that root requirement for overlays on Samsung Pie is a change made by Samsung and that it may come to the S9\N9 line in future builds for those devices. This is under Samsung’s control, not ours.

Public Reviews On Playstore

Review By – Indra Ajiyasa

very nice, probably the best if you want to apply global like themes though would be nice if it’s possible to exclude system ui, so that it gives better compatibility with some stock ROMs like LG

Review By – Frank Charles Agliam

Almost perfect. But after theming my Google Office Suite apps, it will for a long time if I tried to browse images using the app. Also, not all apps that have material design are supported by this app. But this is still neat anyways. I don’t know if I regret buying this since my phone is an Android One device (Mi A2 Lite) which will get the Android Q update. Also, some options that were shown in the preview images of this app are not visible for me after installing the app. But, nvm.

Review By – Ibrahim Hajdari

Well even that Android Q is going to get support for Dark Mode. Swift Installer is unreplaceable for me, I just love the way it works, being able to customize my Phone the way I want is just wonderful. Congratulations for your work!

Review By – Javed Khan

Best of all substratum theming app I tested many other themes earlier I find this one more practical and working……frequent updates and hassle-free overlay updates…..thanks a lot to dev for doing something out of the box, I am super happy with this purchase…..

5/5 (1 Review)

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